KRadio4 4.0.0

Ernst Martin Witte emw at
Tue Jun 2 01:37:30 CEST 2009

Name: KRadio4
Version: 4.0.0
Type: KDE Sound Application
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 KRadio is a comfortable  KDE4 application for
internet radio and AM/FM radio cards supported by
V4L/V4L2. It has a lot of valuable features such
as RDS decoding, pre-recording, timeshift
playback, recording (wav, mp3, ogg), PVR support,
versatile alarms, LIRC support, and much more (see

[b]Release Notes[/b]

Finally, KRadio4 4.0.0 has been released! About
half a year ago the porting of the original KDE3
application to KDE4 started. Now, about 6 months,
400 subversion repository commits and tons of
fixed bugs later, KRadio4 is now ready for

KRadio4 brings some new features such as Internet
Radio, RDS support, DBus interfacing and Keyboard
Shortcuts. Furthermore, almost all issues known
from the KDE3 release should be fixed in KRadio4. 

Aside from the program source code itself, the
KRadio4 web-site now has an FAQ which hopefully
answers lot of questions around KRadio: 


Details about the changes in this and all previous
releases can be found at


KRadio4 has been made possible last but not least
due to the extreme patient debugging of many
users, due to the continuous effort of translators
with ever changing translation strings and due to
support by many others. 

     Thanks a lot to everyone!

Source code and translation packages as well as
binary packages for Debian/unstable and
OpenSuSE11.1 (both 32 and 64 bit) can be
downloaded from the KRadio homepage:


[b]Translation Status[/b]:


[b]KRadio4 now supports:[/b]

[li]KDE >= 4.2[/li][li]DBus Support
(new!)[/li][li]Internet Radio
- no worries any more about starting recording too
late[/li][li]Timeshift playing[/li][li]V4L/V4L2
radio cards (including Line-In based cards, PCM
capturing based cards and PVR
cards)[/li][li]ALSA[/li][li]MP3 and Ogg/Vorbis
recording[/li][li]LIRC[/li][li]Alarms and sleep
countdowns[/li][li]Dynamic plugin library

[b]Your help is highly appreciated![/b]

There is still a lot work to do on KRadio. It
would be an honor to welcome you as developer,
translator, or contributor in any other sense!
Here are some ideas:

enhancements (e.g. SVG icons!)[/li][li]build
system improvements[/li][li]testing and bug
reporting[/li][li]new plugins
of radio cards for feature testing[/li][li]...
what ever you want to contribute![/li]

Please test and give feedback about bugs but also

Have fun with the new KRadio!

 2009-05-31 (4.0.0 release)
- Added kradio4.desktop file. Thanks to Paulo!
- completed Russian translation. Thanks to Alexey
- fixed problems with incorrect usage of pkgconfig
results for libavformat and libmms
- alarms are enabled by default now
- fixed possible segfault caused by
docking/systray menu rebuild
- fixed failing wait for poweron if internet radio
stations are recorded starting in power-off mode
- fixed false error message about an unknown
station in case an alarm does not change the
- alarm type >stop recording< now really only
stops recording, not playback
- updated dev dependencies in debian control file
for compatibility with debian-multimedia
repository (
- fixed opensuse spec file for .desktop entry
- using now pkg_check_modules for
libavformat/libmms... will be used for other libs
in future, too
- recording config page: fixed accidentally wrong
default tab
- added more caps logging for v4l2
- removed checks for redundant mute calls - we
(un)mute always since some drivers do not report
mute state properly
- made development warnings/FIXMES configurable by
cmake parameters. Default is OFF
- increased update period of standard display to
reduce CPU load
- reduced CPU load caused by some not properly
stopped timers in v4l and standard view
- completed Ukrainian translation. Thanks a lot to
- one more consistency check for lirc config
reading. Might have caused occasional crashes
depending on lirc version. Thanks a lot to Paulo
Cavalcanti for providing lot of testing and debug
- added configuration option for
"Mute-On-Power-Off" in internet radio plugin +
translation updates for cs, de, ru

2009-04-26 (4.0.0-rc4)

- preset: Added preset file for Croatia/Split.
Thanks to Ivica Bozulic.
- fix: Default value for Alsa buffer size
consistent with comments/help in GUI
- Updated translations for ru and cs. Thanks to
Alexey Kouznetsov and Pavel Fric
- fix: tabulator order in config tabs
- fix: better lirc synchronization mechanism +
consistency checks
- fix: default playback channel for internet radio
has been line. Is now PCM
- feature: allow reading of multiple preset files
at once
- added spec file for Fedora

 2009-04-18 (4.0.0-rc3)
- fix: added missing .po files for incompletely
translated languages
- fix: updated german translation
- fix: added missing include for ogg encoder
- cleanup: some cleanup of mute stuff in v4l
- fix: added detection of wrong installtion and
missing libs
- cleanup: removed profiling output at application
- fix: workaround for problem with drivers not
reporting mute state correctly
- debug: re-enabled caps debug logging again for

2009-04-10 (4.0.0-rc2)
- fix: .pls Playlist reading is now
- fix: crash in recording plugin caused by
improper thread-locking
- fix: compilation errors in Czech translation
- fix: Noise in recording of net radio caused by
unintended repetition of sound data
- fix: added detection for old/new
libffmeg/libavformat headers (ffmpeg/avformt.h vs
- fix: added missing include of math.h
- fix: no error message any more when trying to
mute a non-playback channel caused by active
- fix: german translation reported a non existant
error in debug info
- fix: cmake 2.6.2 compat fix for libffmpeg

- Czech translation

2009-03-28 (4.0.0-rc1)
- fix: included preset files that have been queued
for a quite long time
- fix: debian build system
- fix: stddisplay: rds info update on station
- fix: localization
- fix: completed german translation
- fix: enable/disable usefull/useless gui elements
in standard display
- fix: typos in country names
- svn branches/kde4 is now svn trunk
- fix: better naming of meta data tab of stations
config page
- fix: use attachments instead of body for sending
.krp station files by email

- fix: added workaround for RDS radio text (group
2a/b) not conforming to
- feature: added RDS block/group error rate debug
- fix: std-display: smoother scrolling of RDS
radio text

- fix: crash during playlist download caused by
menu rebuild of docking menu
- fix: crash caused by missing wait for thread
- fix: cmake fix for alsa asoundlib.h in alsa

- feature: support for m3u, asx and pls files
- feature: support for mms:// protocol
- presets for some german internet radio streams

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softSCIENCE GmbH - vollzeit
Praktikant m/w Programmierung/Marketing/IT - - trainee

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