Speaker-Phone Plasma Applet 0.30 (for KDE4.2)

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Tue Jan 27 14:36:07 CET 2009

Name: Speaker-Phone Plasma Applet
Version: 0.30 (for KDE4.2)
Type: KDE Telephony
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 This is my first plasma applet, kde4 project. I
wrote it because I needed it. There are programs
of this type for VoIP/SIP phones but I found none
for POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). 
You need kde4 and qt4 dev packages to build.
Expand the tar file and cd to the directory. 
This applet will only work on Linux. Modem
commands are for a Hayes compatable speakerphone
modem with a Rockwell 336 chip but should work for
most others as well. Edit any needed in
Build like any cmake build: 
mdir build 
cd build 
cmake .. 
make install (as root) 
Then run 
(You may also need to restart plasma.) 
unlock widgets, add phoneapplet widget. 

1. The ring monitor thread (from xringd) does not
terminate and is still running when the object is
destroyed (not nice but I've seen no ill effects).

2. QMessageBox is not showing the stock icons for
information, error, etc. 
3. The phone buttons are getting alt/# shortcuts
even though I did not ask for these in the qt4
designer and they do not show there. No harm but
they simply clutter add nothing to the UI. 
The future: 
1. Caller ID. The program can support this but the
modem and the phone line must as well. Mine do
If someone wants to test it, I will supply code.
2. Phonebook. A local phonebook, 1 name1 number,
can be easily incorporated. Integration with
KDEPIM and other contacts is more work. The plasma
system has a data-engine for KDEPIM but I do not
know if this be ready to play and have no
documentation on how to use it.
3. Integrate some fax/voice functions. There are
good programs running off vgetty and vgetty will
and these program run if you do not answer in this

 New in 0.30:
1. Icon now responds in standard manner to mouse
2. CMakeLists.txt changed for KDE4.2. Recompile
and reinstall!
3. There is an icon for contacts but this will not
work as of yet.

New in 0.20:
1. Configuration dialog. This is not carved in
stone, ideas on what to configure and how to
present it
are welcome. "Label" buttons on left side are all
active, either bringing up file dialogs for
help screens, or test sound or dial quick-dial
2. Quick-dial numbers #0 .. #9. Confgure from
dialog or enter as #05551212 for #0 to dial
3. Call history. Enter or the arrows on the phone
dialog enter the history and one can choose a
4. Drag and drop--drag a phone number to the icon
and place call.
5. Right clock context menu for configuration,
6. Various corrections and tweaks.

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