Soprano 2.2 released

Sebastian Trüg trueg at
Tue Jan 27 10:25:18 CET 2009

I am proud to announce the release of Soprano 2.2.

Although no major release Soprano 2.2 marks the next step in handling of RDF 
data. It comes with some important new features like the new SparqlModel which 
provides a simple Model-based front-end to arbitrary HTTP SPARQL endpoints or 
very convenient API improvements such as the Node::toN3 method which provides 
a very easy way to format a node (see below for a full list of changes).

Sadly transaction support has not been completed yet and needed to be put off 
until Soprano 2.3. The same is true for the Virtuoso backend which will 
hopefully make Java obsolete on the KDE desktop.

Soprano 2.2 is intended to accompany the release of KDE 4.2 [1] later today.

* The AsyncModel now has a "real" asyncroneous mode which uses multiple 
  threads to execute the commands.
* New class Soprano::Client::SparqlModel which provides a client to http 
  Sparql endpoints.
* Added method Node::toN3 to easily build SPARQL queries without having to 
  encode nodes all the time.
* New convinience method QueryResultIterator::iterateStatementsFromBindings
* Added convinience methods to handle BackendSettings.
* Added operator[] to QueryResultIterator to easily access bindings
* Added parameters influencing the visibility to onto2vocabularyclass
* Soprano::Node now comes with definitions of qHash for both Node and QUrl
* Sesame2 updated to 2.1.4
* The IndexFilterModel can now optionally index specific URIs 
* Added method IndexFilterModel::optimizeIndex which optimizes the clucene 
  index on disk
* Added method IndexFilterModel::encodeUriForLuceneQuery which encodes/escapes 
  a URI so it can be used as a field in a clucene query.
* SPARQL endpoint query support in sopranocmd
* Performace improvements

Get it today (and build binary packages for your distributions so we can be 
sure everybody running KDE 4.2 uses Soprano 2.2) from the revamped Sourceforge 
Soprano Download page [2].


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