simon (Speech Interaction Daemon) 0.2-beta-3

Peter Grasch bedahr at
Mon Jan 26 17:21:23 CET 2009

Name: simon (Speech Interaction Daemon)
Version: 0.2-beta-3
Type: KDE Accessibility Application
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 The project provides a ready-to-use interface for
the julius speech recognition engine for a
handicapped child which is not able to use the
keyboard well. It integrates into X11 and Windows.
simon can import dictionaries, grammar structures
and compile a language model with the help of the
HTK toolkit of the university of cambridge.
 With the recognition results it can type texts,
simulate shortcut sequences and start programs.

Simon will provide you with infos of how to set it
up when you first start it, but there is also a
tutorial on the official project wiki (under

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need

Binary packages and bug reports highly


Introducing three new command plug-ins:
* List
  A list of other simon commands; The user selects
one of the commands using numbers 1-9; If there
are more than 8 commands in the list, the list
only goes from 1-8 and 0 and 9 are can be used for
scrolling (0: up; 9: down).

* Composite
  Combines other simon commands in one "Macro".
The user can even define delays between the
invocation of two sub-commands.

* Input Numbers
  A calculator-like front-end to input long
numbers with ease.

Also, the desktop-grid can now be completely
controlled by voice.

The recording widget now displays the current
"loudness" of the input while recording. This
should help to weed out not working / badly
configured microphones.

Updated Julius to the current SVN versions with
minimal modifications.

Bug-Fixing all around - especially related to
sound and recognition.


Fixed various bugs related to the grammar which
caused it to not get saved most of the time. It is
now again possible to add multiple words at once
without losing samples. All input files to the
importing functions (dictionary, texts, etc.) are
now checked if they exist before the importing
begins. simon now compiles also on Ubuntu Hardy
Heron (KDE 4.0) Removed KDE-Includes when building
julius (a lot of warnings due to strict compiler
flags) All libraries are now installed correctly. 


Bugfixing all around.
Fixed a whole lot of libjulius / sent related
issues regarding stopping / starting of the
Fixing the Windows Version.
Introducing CPack support for quick package


Porting to KDE 4
Removed Juliusd in favor of simond:
* Network audio streaming
* Recognition and model compilation on server
* No processor intensive calculations on the
client (opens the door to development of solutions
for embedded devices, etc.)
Revised and greatly improved command plugin
* Individual triggers per plugin
* Runtime module loading / unloading (even the
configuration of the modules)
Introduction of ksimond - a frontend to the simond
recognition server
And much, much more...


A lot of compatibility fixes.


Too many changes to count - here the most
important ones:

Fixed about a gazillion bugs.
Streamlined the interface.
The command-system has been completely rewritten.
A few performance optimizations.
Introduced a structured build-system.
Switched to portaudio backend for more
Did I mention fixing bugs? Lots of them...

Initial release

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