Migraine 0.1.2 Alpha

Leonardo Mateo leonardomateo at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 04:44:35 CET 2009

Name: Migraine
Version: 0.1.2 Alpha
Type: KDE Database
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 Migraine is a tool for database migrations to be
a little more painless. It allows you to convert a
database from one format to another (E.g. From
PostgreSQL to MySQL) or to copy a database in the
same format to the same or another host.
The link to the tarball below can be slow, I'd
recommend you to clone the git source code
repository at github.com.
If you want the lastest alpha version, use:

[quote]git clone
git://github.com/kandalf/migraine.git --origin

If you like the development version, use:
[quote]git clone

Sorry, I only have the source code now, but I'll
add binary files anytime soon, I've been having
problems to compile SQL drivers on Windows, but as
soon as I can get rid of these issues, I'll upload
a windows installer, and probably submit a package
for Arch Linux users into the AUR.

Please, report bugs or request features at:

You'll need to register first, but it's a simple
and fast process with only a few fields to fill.


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