Kwave 0.8.2

Thomas Eschenbacher le3sbyv02 at
Sat Apr 25 21:01:12 CEST 2009

Name: Kwave
Version: 0.8.2
Type: KDE Sound Application
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 Kwave is a sound editor designed for the KDE
Desktop Environment. 

With Kwave you can edit many sorts of wav-files
including multi-channel files. Kwave also includes
many plugins to transform the wave-file in several
ways and presents a graphical view with a complete
zoom- and scroll capability.
Supports many sound formats, playback and
recording via ALSA and OSS.

 0.8.2  [2009-04-25]

 * bugfix: minor off-by-one bug in buffer handling
 * wav/RIFF parser: be more robust if the file has
not been correctly padded
 * bugfix in wav encoder: padding for info and
label chunk was missing
 * bugfix: if two markers were too close and
displayed at the same
   pixel position they eliminated each other
through XOR mode
 * bugfix: numeric overflow when trying to select
labels in high zoom factors
 * bugfix: not all positions were selectable due
to internal rounding errors
 * silence plugin now supports all modes
 * use "unsigned" sample format per default when
creating new files
   with  see ubuntu bug #327018
 * implemented "debug" plugin, with internal
functions for test and
   verification (quality improvement)
 * added czech gui translation from Pavel Fric 
 * bugfix: after creating a new empty file,
"revert" was possible
 * speed optimizations in buffer handling
 * speedup: limiting the rate of progress updates
when loading and saving files
 * fixed displayed names of actions based on the
"amplifyfree" plugin
 * bugfix: menu entry translation did not work
 * bugfix: deleteLater on menu nodes did not work,
   implemented own garbage collector
 * speedup: use different block sizes for
interactive and non-interactive mode

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