QjackCtl 0.3.3

Rui Capela rncbc at rncbc.org
Sat Jun 7 17:04:21 CEST 2008

Name: QjackCtl
Version: 0.3.3
Type: KDE Sound Application
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://qjackctl.sourceforge.net
More Info:

 Qjackctl is a simple Qt application to control
the JACK sound server daemon, specific for the
Linux Audio Desktop infrastructure.

Written in C++ around the Qt4 toolkit for X11,
most exclusively using Qt Designer.

Provides a simple GUI dialog for setting several
JACK daemon parameters, which are properly saved
between sessions, and a way control of the status
of the audio server daemon. With time, this
primordial interface has become richer by
including a enhanced patchbay and connection
control features.

 0.3.3  2008-06-07 Patchbay JACK-MIDI, file
logging and X11 uniqueness.

- Attempt to load Qt's own translation support and
get rid of the ever warning startup message,
unless built in debug mode. (transaction by Guido
Scholz, while on qsynth-devel, thanks).
- Messages file logging makes its first long
overdue appearance, with user configurable
settings in Setup/Options/Logging.
- Only one application instance is now allowed to
be up and running, with immediate but graceful
termination upon startup iif an already running
instance is detected, which will see its main
widget shown up and the server started
automatically (Qt/X11 platform only).
- Finally, full JACK MIDI support sneaks into the
patchbay; socket types now differ in Audio, MIDI
and ALSA, following the very same nomenclature as
found on the Connections widget tabs.
- Sun driver support (by Jacob Meuser).
- Delay window positioning at startup option is
now being disabled, on the Setup/Misc tab, when
Minimize to system tray is enabled.
- Cosmetic fix: Setup/Settings tab, 'Input Device'
text label was using a slightly smaller font than
the rest of the application (bug#1872545, reported
by Jouni Rinne).

0.3.2  2007-12-20  Patchbay heads-up with season

- Patchbay port matching has been slightly
extended, this time allowing for the multiple or
as many-to-many connections between socket plugs,
provided these are specified in proper regex form
(after a patch proposed by Dave Moore, thanks).
- A new option to start the program minimized when
the system tray icon is enabled, is now available
from Setup/Misc/Start minimized to system tray (as
kindly suggested by Marc-Olivier Barre).
- Regression from QSystemTrayIcon (Qt4 >= 4.2)
implementation, at least on X11 environments:
while the main application widget was minimized to
the system-tray, closing any other top-level
widget was causing the immediate and unexpected
application shutdown.
- Some portaudio backend settings are now being
enabled, specially suited for the jackdmp
- Server mode display blinking, usually shown as
the RT indicator, is now an option
(Setup/Display/Blink server mode indicator when
- Tool/child windows position and size
preservation fixed.
- The connections/patchbay auto-refresh option has
been finally removed due to several user requests,
although deprecated for quite some time now it has
been the probable cause of some periodic xrun
occurrences due to graph-locking in jackd (while
making Geoff Beasley angry in the process:).
- Messages line limit was not being checked, now
- Simple as it could ever be, the build executive
summary report is now given on configure.
- Patchbay snapshot got its socket and port
ordering back.
- ALSA Sequencer support is now an optional
feature on setup, preventing the annoying "MIDI
patchbay will be not available" warning message,
ruining window placement on Linux systems where
the snd-midi-seq kernel module is not loaded or
not favorable (eg. OSS) at startup (by request
from Jussi Laako).
- Get configure to try and detect the correct
qmake location and insert it the search order, so
let the qt4 tools take precedence when --with-qt
option is given and older qt3 ones coexist and are
found located ahead in the PATH.
- The connections widget is now being properly
refreshed, due to some quirk in the QTreeWidget
which was preventing some items, specially the
expanded ones, to disappear in the void.
Meanwhile, with a hand from Stephane Letz, the
client/port lookup method was changed to prevent
duplicated, missing entries or worse, crashes due
to weird behaved windows applications.
- The xrun count stats can now be reset simply by
middle clicking on the systray icon or the main
window's display area (thanks to patch sent by
Dominic Sacr�).
- An improved version of the "shiny" background
image was issued. The original somehow looked like
two different images put together, probably most
apparent on a bright TFT screen (by Dominic
- A warning is now being issued, asking whether
one wants to remove a corresponding Patchbay
connection, when client/ports are being
disconnected over the Connections window, thus
avoiding automatic reconnection annoyance due to
normal active Patchbay behavior.
- The infamous "Keep child windows always on top"
global option is now supposed to behave a little
better when disabled, layering child windows as
naturally as far the window manager dictates.
- Input/Output Channel setting is now allowed to
be greater than 32; the special default text is
now displayed, also on Input/Output Latency and
Priority settings spin-boxes.
- Andreas Persson just sent a patch that makes it
possible to compile and run qjackctl with Qt
version 4.1. Applied without hesitation, thanks.

0.3.1a   2007-07-19  System-tray tooltip icon
crash fix.

- An immediate showstopper crash upon client start
was irradicated, which was affecting those with
the system-tray icon disabled, as is the default
(thanks to Ken Ellinwood for first reporting this
sloppy one).

0.3.1   2007-07-18  Shallowed bug-fix release.

- The current DSP load percentage activity is now
also displayed on the system-tray icon tooltip.
- An illusive but nasty Connections/Patchbay item
tooltip crash bug has been hopefully fixed (Qt >=
- Now using QSystemTrayIcon class facility if
available (Qt4 >= 4.2) making the system-tray
option available on most platforms, notably on
Windows and Mac OS X (EXPERIMENTAL).
- Usage of QProcess class has been severely
refactored, now using QProcess::start() instead of
QProcess::startDetached(), giving much tighter
control over the started jackd(mp) process.
Downside is that QjackCtl lost its ability and
option to leave the process detached upon quitting
the application. Too bad.
- A new eye-candy bit has sneaked in: server mode
display, that is the RT indicator, now blinks when
server/client is started/active.
- Combo-box setup history has been corrected on
restore, which was discarding the very initial
default (factory) contents.
- Now that Qt4 is accessible to open-source
Windows appplications, there's some experimental
stuff sneaking in for jackdmp support on win32
- Connections list items were initially sorted in
descending order by default. Fixed. Client items
are now naturally sorted, again.

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