LinuXnet 0.1

Dorin Vatavu dorin.vatavu at
Sat Jun 7 14:44:41 CEST 2008

Name: LinuXnet
Version: 0.1
Type: KDE Kommander Script
Depend: Kommander
License: GPL
More Info:

 This scripts are destinate to administrate an
InternetCaffe Linux based.
I use it for two years and I try to improve their
performances and capabilities.
This is my first and only one script which I\'ve
made ever!
Kommander was the only tool which suffer me to
perform such a think.
I use to all the stations an debian based
distribution (SIDUX) with KDM and KDE.
GPL2 license
	-Kommander team
	-Cristian Cobeli for parts of client program
	-Sascha Marx for KSetupMaker 
	1. For admin-station: KDE, kommander, ssh,
netpipes, expect
	  1.1. For recompile \"banda\":gcc, libxosd2,
	2. For client-stations: ssh, netpipes, tk8.4,
		2.1 The client-stations must be “on”, only
one user account, set to autologin in kdm, kde
start with an new empty session  and the ssh
service started
	-installation the client program (timer) by
remote from admin-station
	-the client-program run independently and
remember the time when crash or restart (reboot)
	 -the client have on right-down corner of desktop
the remaining time
	 -the client is prompted when remaining time is
less then 5 min. and 2 min. to announce the
administrator if he need more time.
	- can be modify from English to Romanian by
uncomment some lines in the kommander script and
in \"banda.c\" and recompile it with \"\"
How to use:
1. Usual work (initiation, add, and decrease
	-select the station, time, operation and press
	-select the station, reset time operation and
press “Proceed” for set time to “0”.
2. For install (deinstall) remote stations:
	-go to tab “Settings”, press
“Administrator”, set user name, host name,
start IP address, number of remotes stations and
press “Save settings”;
	-press “(Un)Install”, input password for
remote user and root, optionally use “Set
automatic SSH”, select between “To all” and
“Individual”, press “Install” or
“Uninstall” and wait message “All Done!”. 

	-make the internationalization for all the
	-replace the client-program with another one QT
	-make more functions in admin-program especially
to add graphics and reports
	-something to monitored all the activities on the
administrator computer (burned CD, printed pages,
scanned pages etc.) and to report this to root
	-to add in installer :
		-modify /etc/kdmrc for user automatic login
		-modify /etc/kderc for start new empty session
and clean some stuff
		-verify if exist: netpipes ,tk8.4 ,libxosd2 and
install it if not
		(wich faucet ; wich wish)
	-many more!  
Feel free to use, modify, improve, and feedback
your opinions.  

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