KNetDockApp 0.82.2

Todor Todor yodor at
Thu Jul 10 23:08:09 CEST 2008

Name: KNetDockApp
Version: 0.82.2
Type: KDE Networking Tool
Depend: KDE 3.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 A small application that docks in the systray and
monitors the activity of the selected network
It also monitors the link status - could detect if
a networking cable is attached to the nic or
Supports session management, and runs on next
logins. Support auto device remove/insert. 

* To rebuild from source run ./ in the
root package folder.

Requires linux 2.4 or 2.6

Many thanks to Anthony Mercatante for doing a
package for ubuntu/kubuntu breezy.
Many thanks to Jorge Sanz for doing debian package
and providing nice tips about release packaging.
Thanks to all others for support and various

 0.82.2 - Combined visual fixes. Main window start
up hidden when there are docked monitors. Tool-tip
position by mouse over. Mouse over dock icon fix.
Now source is packaged with configure script in it
so no autogen troubles I hope

0.82.1 - fixes for 64 bit architectures. Removed
ansi switch and moved to rtnl_link_stats from

0.81,0.82 - fix kicker colored background for the
dock icon and chart in dock icon.

0.8 - new functions 
 - run dhcpcd, bring up/down the selected
 - connect to specific wifi network, details
 - allows choosing led color
 - now found in internet kmenu category
 - fix header issue

0.72 - Combined update 
- Chart style dock icon setting
- bits per second scale setting
- WiFi network scanner and additional signal scale
on dock, more or less other wifi support
- Adjustable traffic alarms 

0.71 - ESSID AP name fix. App closed on last dock
instance fix.

0.7 - Most rewritten. New devices dialog, auto
detection of device insert/remove. New chart style
and details dialog. - mac-label space to zero patch (credits
for Maciek Borzecki :) - ui/tooltip resize fix. Update to
correctly resize after font change

0.67.4 - tabbed statistics, tooltip disable option

0.67.3 - combined update. allow multiple
instances, chart drawing and tooltip

0.67.1 - fixed include of unistd.h to help compile
on Slackware

0.67 - fixed stats update, chart drawing code

0.66 - fixed saving of interface selected, window
border update, wireless info now shows ESSID,
implented custom tooltip using KPassivePopup

0.65 - initial WiFi support, chart code updated,
settings dialog updated

0.64, 0.64.1 - using net_device_stats in place of
rtnl_link_stats to help compile on FC4, code

0.63 - removed '-ansi' compilation directive 

0.62 - implemented internal counters for holding
bigger numbers, now info panel can account up to
around 15.80 Exa

0.61 - using 'new' keyword for creating array for
the chart

0.6 - fixed header issue for slackware slamd64

0.5 - code cleanups, fixed prefix calculation

0.4 - Chart drawing updated. Got rid of the table.
Implemented info panel. Now showing values with
prefixes Kilo, Mega, Giga, Tera, Peta, Exa, Yotta,
Zetta :)
0.3 - Chart drawing updated

0.2 - Moved to using linux netlink socket for
quering interfaces. Now showing IP and MAC
addresses assigned

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