QSvn 0.7.0

Andreas Richter ar at anrichter.net
Sun Aug 3 15:28:17 CEST 2008

Name: QSvn
Version: 0.7.0
Type: KDE Development Tool
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://www.anrichter.net/projects/qsvn/
More Info:

 QSvn is a graphical Subversion Client for Linux,
UNIX, Windows and Mac OS X. We use the Subversion
API for all Subversion actions and the Qt4 C++
toolkit from Trolltech for platform independent

 Version 0.7.0 - released 2008-08-03

    New Features
    * Support for Subversion 1.5. The
Windows-Installer cames with
        Subversion 1.5.1 Client-Libraries.
    * #34 Sort list in FileSelector
    * #38 In commit-, delete- and revert-dialog
you can now show the log from
        a selected file.
    * #40 Implement Merge.
        Merge can start from a Working Copy with
select the from and to URL
        according to the from and to revision or
from within the ShowLog-Dialog
        with select the target working copy.
    * #58 Sort FileList case insensitive (Windows
    * #62 Only active windows updates the file
list when the underlaying
        filesystem is changed. Are there changes
in an inactive window,
        the files list is updated when the window
becomes the focus again.
    * #65 QSvn checks the case sensitivity for
missing files and fix them. (Windows only)
    * #70 Switch to Subversion 1.5 (Windows only)

    * #42 Rework notifies on svn actions
    * #48 FileSelector show the current working
copy, where the selected files
            should be modified.
    * #52 Property-Handling is now
user-friendlyer. Edit a property open an extra
    * #57 Rework "Remove from Disk" for Working
Copies. It deletes now the
            entire directory without show the

    * #60 Delete a property removes two ones
    * #64 Set Library-Installpath on 64bit-Systems
to lib64.

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