Playlist to any format (foobar2000 tagz) 0.2

Nick Shaman zasada_shaman at
Sun Aug 3 10:52:42 CEST 2008

Name: Playlist to any format (foobar2000 tagz)
Version: 0.2
Type: Amarok Script
License: GPL
More Info:

 Proud to present you my implementation of
Foobar2000 tagz in perl as Amarok script.
This script can format playlist with given
template, that use sintax of Foobar 2000 tagz
and save it to file or put into clipboard (uses

Script has two implementations: with GUI (needs
PerlQT) and without GUI (to use it, you will have
to edit config manually or via implementation vith

For more, you can read the README file.
For license, look at the COPYING file.

For bugreport or featurerequest mail to
zasada_shaman at

Known problems:
some foobar-specefic functions are not
implemented. Also, there is now way to get some
meta-info using amarok, so it is not fully
implemented in some cases.

1. I planing to make it amarok-independent for
print directories content.
2. fix all bugs
3. to take over the world

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