epdbootsplash 0.0.1

James Benedito de Oliveira jamesbenedito at epidemiclinux.org
Sat Sep 1 20:20:45 CEST 2007

Name: epdbootsplash
Version: 0.0.1
Type: KDE System Tool
License: GPL
Homepage: http://www.epidemiclinux.org
More Info:

 [b]epdbootsplash[/b] is a theme manager for
Bootsplash. It provides a KDE Control Module (KCM)
that allows users to easily install, remove and
change Bootsplash themes.

[b]Features include:[/b]
- It works with local and remote themes, in
[b].tar, .tar.gz, tar.bz, tar.bz2[/b], formats
- Theme preview in silent and verbose modes
- Compressed cache of themes
- Theme validation
- Bootloader auto-configuration (GRUB only)

[b]Depends:[/b] Xorg, KDE, bootsplash,
initramfs-tools, grub

[b]Available languages:[/b] English, Brazil

[b]Available Distribution:[/b] Epidemic GNU/Linux,
Debian compatible distributions

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