Dirsave Graphical IQ Network Utility 1.3

Renat Garaev rvny at mail.ru
Sat Sep 1 16:24:04 CEST 2007

Name: Dirsave Graphical IQ Network Utility
Version: 1.3
Type: KDE Networking Tool
Depend: Qt 3.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dirsave/
More Info:

Now you can generate url list with 2 click (paste
& generate) and computer select 1,2 , 01,02,
001,002 type of numeration files download from
internet (with wget).
Porting to windows and Qt 4.x:-)
Language: En,Rus,Spanish
New key --after - add text after url.

Console version (example)
dirsave --iq 1 16
http://nameserver/folder/pic1.jpg fname
1-first number,16-last number
fname = executable file for wget
Result-file fname with: wget -c
http://...pic1.jpg, wget -c http://...pic2.jpg to
wget -c http://...pic16.jpg

With 3 click's you can generate listing's for
download: Paste, Create, Save. After save you
should run bash script and this
script start download Wget programm. 

Dirsave program automatically generate links (and
choise 1,2,3 or 01,02,03 or 001,002,003
It's easy and quick!

It's no hard type:

It's yesterday day-typed with hands.

Try it! No hard type url's :)
Only click!

 01 sen 2007 1.3 2 version: QT 3.x & QT 4.x.
New key --after - adding text after url
Porting to windows
18 may 2007 1.2 Rewriteln on QT 3.x
Translation to spanish by Diego Fernández
22 apr 2007 1.1.1b Adding spanish language by
Diego Fernández Fernández (a.k.a.

22 apr 2007 Supported url without 0 (zero)
(example: http://www.url.com/folder/name1.jpg)

08 apr 2007
C source aviable. Console version

08 mar 2007
New simply design
After generate you can modify links in the box and
after then save results.
You can use this programm (GUI for wget) to
generate url download lists (shell executable
script) for wget without iq generate

23 feb 2007 Release 1.0

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