Manslide 1.5.4

Gibault Stéphane gibault.stephane at
Sun Apr 22 15:25:13 CEST 2007

Name: Manslide
Version: 1.5.4
Type: Video Application
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 Create your own slideshow

You need 

Mplayer and or Xine

To compile your own version :

qmake (from qt4) on Mandriva
and after : make

Enjoy ... hope you like it


Icons came from OS-K pack ...

 1.5.4 -----------------------

Add a new transition
Improve luma transitions speed
Small improvements
Fix Italian translation
Fix Russian translation

1.5.3 -----------------------

Fix and add transitions
Fix a very big bug with text engine
Fix a bug when opening project
Make some small changes in UI for better
Other small bugfixes

1.5.2 -----------------------

Add 6 new transitions
Fix some little mistakes

1.5.1 -----------------------

Now slide could be placed on plane, cube or flag
Add a function to remove effects from your library
Always many small bugfixes

1.5 -----------------------

Add a function to swap two slides
Fix problem with blending
Fix some English translation
Many small bugfixes

1.5 rc4 -----------------------

Fix another bug when creating a video effect
Fix Polish translation
Fix Italian translation

1.5 rc3 -----------------------

Fix a bug when creating a video effect
Fix a small bug in gl commands
Fix Russian translation (Thxs AVB12)
Add Italian translation

1.5 rc2 -----------------------

Add Russian translation (Thxs AVB12)
Fix Polish translation

1.5 rc1 -----------------------

Now you can import image with transparent area
(png). Only accept the full transparent area
Improve GL performance
Reduce time for generating slideshow
Add a function to place the video library in
another place ( usefull for packager ;-) )
Add news effects (Thxs to Guillame L.)
Add a begin of multithreading (very a beginning)
Add Polish language (but incoplete)
Many small improvements

1.4 ---------------------------

Fix a crash when importing new video effect
Fix some small ui incorrect functions
Many small improvement
Fix a bug when starting a new project
Add a new effect (thxs to R. Cooper)

1.4 rc1 -----------------------

Now project are save in a file with all pictures
and audio, then I have a base to develop other
Fix bug for transitions (YYYYYEEEESSSS)
Add new control in interface (gimp link)
Many improvement for small graphic cards
Better UI performance
Add new video effect
Always small bugs fixes (more than 10)

Note :  RC because some other small change before

1.3 ---------------------------

Add Catalan language (thanks to P. Iranzo)
Improve render speed (more than 40%)
Add opacity for animation effects (with variation)
Create your own effects from your videos
Now the limit number of slide is 400
Many other imporvements
Many small bugfixes

WARNING **************************

-> If you want to create an icon on your desktop
or in our menu don't forget to put the bin
directory for working directory or effects doesn't


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