[Kde-announce-apps] Kgraphviewer 1.0.1

Gaël de Chalendar kleag at free.fr
Sat Jun 24 00:51:29 CEST 2006

Name: Kgraphviewer
Version: 1.0.1
Type: Graphic Viewer
License: GPL
Homepage: https://gna.org/projects/kgraphviewer
More Info:

 Maintenance Release (version 1.0.1, see

KGraphViewer is a Graphviz dot graph file viewer
for KDE.

I used, in this program, code from the profiling
tool kcachegrind and from koffice/kexi.

The tool works very well for not huge graphs (<
1000 nodes).
Here are its currently implemented features:
- zooming
- loading of several graphs in tabs;
- saving of the recent files list;
- manual reload of files;
- display of a bird-eye view of the graph;
- moving of the graph by dragging;
- full featured printing;
- closing of the tabs;
- perfect drawing of all graphviz example graphs;
- automaticaly choose dot for directed graphs and
neato for undirected
- possibility to use an arbitrary layout algo as
soon as it produces xdot format
- automatic reloading with user confirmation of
  modified files (configurable) ;
- open new instances as new tabs in the old one
- help system
- internationalization (currently eng, fre)
- ...

Kgraphviewer is using the boost/spirit library for
graphs parsing. To avoid
external dependencies, these Boost parts have been
integrated in Kgraphviewer.

See TODO in the distribution for planned features.

As usual, comments, bug reports and any help are
very welcome !

Please report bugs or install problems directly on
the kgraphviewer homepage
and not as comments here. Thanks.


  * Corrects a crash condition (clicking in the
empty window after a failed parsing)
  * Signal failed parsings with a message box

  * Release of version 1.0
  * Work of the KDE4 2.0 version has started

  * removed a bug appearing with graphviz 2.8

  * addad in the menu bar the entries from
contextual menu and reported this
    change in documentation
  * added the possibility to disable the bird-eye
view (menu, context menu,
    accel, toolbar) and reported this change in
  * check for memory leaks

  * added a font cache to optimize a little bit

  * changes in config dialog now change the status
of Apply button
  * make appear the bird-eye view even if it was
not initialy appearent when
  * optimizations to be able to load and
manipulate larger graphs (200+ linear
    graph OK)

  * documentation

  * corrected placing of window position indicator
(red line) in bird eye view 
    when zooming
  * add tooltips and whatsthese everywhere
  * corrected tooltips placement
  * added French translation

  * corrected drawing errors appearing when
dragging after a zoom by updating
    Qt to 3.3.6

  * all graphviz example graphs are perfectly
  * corrected drawing of parallel edges
  * corrected edges geometry definition (tips
appear at wrong places)

  * corrected loading of edges bounds labels
  * correct handling of record shaped nodes (see
graphviz examples, compare with doted results)
  * corrected handling of fonts (see graphviz
examples, compare with doted results)
  * corrected drawing of some undirected graphs in
graphviz examples (compare with doted results)
  * added support for main graph label

  * corrected drawing of clusters (compared with
doted results)
  * hack to not freeze with huge graphs. Stop
loading after N vertices or edges (N currently set
to 1000)

  * make the window position indicator to be still
visible even when zooming a 
    lot (min size or big bold point)

  * added hard-coded min and max zoom factors
  * scrolling with mouse wheel
  * make minimum canvas size to window size
  * reduce canvas size to graph size when its view
becomes larger than itself

  * better integration of printing (splitting in
pages, etc.)

  * printing on multiple pages or fited to one
  * applying the scaling factor to lines width
(since more time but not logged)

  * added print preview and setup (code reused
from the koffice tool kexi)

  * change mouse pointer to grabbing hand when

  * Support for Graphviz 2.8

  * Bug corrected: crash when closing last tab ;
  * First implementation of support for the URL
attribute: the focus follows the mouse and
clicking on it opens the default browse with the
URL (only fully qualified URLs are supported for
now, not relative paths to files) ;
  * Bug correction: the label is now drawn over
the image if any ;

  * Added support for a new dot attribute:
shapefile, allowing to define nodes content by an
image ;
  * Printing: graph is by default scaled to fit on
one page (beginning of a better printing support)

  * session management (reload of previously
opened files)
  * context menu to use other layouting algorithms
(twopi, fdp, etc.)
  * added a toolbar entry to choose layouting
  * added a configuration dialog

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