[Kde-announce-apps] Kile 1.9.1 Released

Jeroen Wijnhout jeroen at wijnhout.com
Sat Jun 24 11:32:21 CEST 2006


The first patch release of kile-1.9: kile-1.9.1 has been released.
Download it from

 - Restore support for KDE 3.2.x.
 - tex files starting with numbers can now also used for "Forward DVI".
 - now we respect the default project location set by the user also in
 - don't restore the line position if the file is already open. (#125175)
 - honor users who want to cancel the close request to embedded parts.
 - fix ViewBib, if we support $BIBINPUTS for compilation we should also do
it for
   viewing. We now also check in all paths in BIBINPUTS for an bib file.
 - if "show labels" is disabled in structureview, we should nevertheless
gather them
   for codecompl. and undefined ref.
 - don't fake pressed buttons, now the log message button does not looked
   when you start kile. (#124098)
 - only add an trailing slash to the default project location if we need one.
 - hide the latex menu when we don't have docs open.
 - don't see unstarred env. as closing for starred. (#120509)
 - we are now much more carefully if the autosaving has succeded. We now
warn if
   we can't autosave and don't overwrite backups with empty backups.
 - only use special double quotes if no slash is in front of the cursor.

 - Add the possibility to use bullets in user tags via a new placeholder %B.
 - Colour bullets so that they can be spotted easily.
 - new cwl file for the textcomp and import package.
 - we now highlight TODO, FIXME in comments. (only if they are not in
normal text)
 - added Readme.MacOSX

kind regards,
the Kile team

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