[Kde-announce-apps] slack-get 1.0.0_alpha1

Arnaud DUPUIS a.dupuis at infinityperl.org
Fri Jun 30 16:20:19 CEST 2006

Name: slack-get
Version: 1.0.0_alpha1
Type: System Tool
Depend: Qt 3.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://slackget.infinityperl.org
More Info:

 slack-get is an apt-get like for Slackware Linux.
It support a perlQt GUI, which support
dependencies tracking, and multiple packages
command line tool is : slack-get
GUI is : slack-browser

 After many lates here it is : the slack-get
1.0.0_alpha1 release ! 
 Their is too many changes to list them all here,
so please read the Changes file. 
 Here is a summary : 

 - New widgets in the GUI 
 -  Big general speed improvement 
 - new icons 
 -  new features 
 - activation of the main features 
 - and so on and so forth... 
 Moreover this realease have been heavily tested
and shouldn't mess your system, their was no
report for such a thing... 
 So : enjoy ! 

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