[Kde-announce-apps] KPorts 0.6.0

Hannes Hauswedell hannes.hauswedell at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 19:00:24 CEST 2006

Name: KPorts
Version: 0.6.0
Type: System Tool
Depend: KDE 3.5.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kports/
More Info:

 KPorts is a powerful Front-end to the
In future other Platforms will be supported, too.
For currently supported features, see the

Since the last version most of the Program has
gone through at least one rewrite, that's why it
took so long.
I hope you like KPorts and would like to hear
comments and suggestions.
Please report bugs here or at Sourceforge.

If you would like to translate KPorts to another
language PLEASE let me know!

Right now you need to download the patched
Portupgrade file from this Site. I hope this issue
get solved soon.


*Information available for Ports (source):
 Origin, Name, Version, Requirements, Comment,
Description, Maintainer, Homepage,
 Categories, known Vulnerabilities,
To-be-Installed Files, Flags (IGNORED,

*Information available for available Packages
 Origin, Name, Version, Requirements, Comment,
Maintainer, Homepage, Categories,
 known Vulnerabilities,

*Information available for installed Packages:
 Origin, Name, Version, Requirements,
Dependencies, Comment, Description, 
 known Vulnerabilities, installed Files, integrity
of installed Files (Checksums), 
 Size of installed Files, UPDATING-file warnings,
post-Install Message

- search and filter through your Ports and
Packages, with many Options
- (automatically) update the Vulnerability
- update the Portstree and Indexes
- automatically update Information from FTP (for
- create Packages from installed Ports
- install, upgrade, reinstall or uninstall Ports,
at choice with or without
  Requirements and/or Dependencies in Source-Mode,
in Binary-Only-Mode or
  in Mixed-Mode; everything maybe be logged;
Terminal Output and graphical 
  Overview are available during all Processes; it
is possible to set Options
  for all Ports prior to installing/upgrading

*Known Issues:
- long startup time, because the INDEX in
/usr/ports, the INDEX on the FTP
  and the complete Package Database, aswell as the
Vulnerability Database
  are processed.
- the graphical Install overview is a
work-in-progress. Portupgrades output
  varies a lot, it is hard to always translate it
- high memory usage, i am working on it.

- FreeBSD-Ports only; more to come.

- English only. Translators welcome!

- sysutils/portupgrade (pkgtools only is
- security/portaudit (not required but
- net/cvsup-without-gui (for Portstree Update)
- an INDEX file.

- uninstall any previous version of KPorts and
delete ~/.kde/share/config/kportsrc
- it is highly recommended to start KPorts with
"kdesu". Running without Root-
  Previliges will make it impossible to abort
Processes and will not be supported
  in the future.

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