[Kde-announce-apps] Social Networks Visualiser 0.43.1

Dimitris Kalamaras dimitris.kalamaras at compupress.gr
Fri Dec 22 22:20:27 CET 2006

Name: Social Networks Visualiser
Version: 0.43.1
Type: Scientific
Depend: Qt 3.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://socnetv.sourceforge.net
More Info:

 Social Networks Visualiser (SocNetV) is an SNA
tool for Linux. 

With it you can draw a network or load an existing
one (Pajek, Sociomatrix or dot-formatted). It
computes social network properties, centralities
and implements some layout algorithms.

SocNetV is written in Qt3, licensed under the GNU
Public Licence (GPL). 

You can run it on any other platform supported by

SocNetV HomePage:

 Version 0.43.1-2 - Dec. 22, 2006
- tarball of v. 043.1 was corrupted. fixed. 
- Fixed display of HTML help in Debian package.
- Fixed wrong numbering of new actors with
- Fixed creation of links through middle-click.

Version 0.43 - December, 2006
Codename:  "Tux"
- New energy layout: Spring Embedder algorithm
- FIX: Actor Numbers are once again displayed
outside actors' shapes by default. 
- Minor bug fixes: random crashes, etc.

Version 0.42 - late June, 2006
Codename:  "Amused to death"
- NEW: Actor Numbers are displayed inside actors'
shapes by default. 
- NEW: Actors can be added just by double-clicking
on the canvas
- UPDATE: Help files
- UPDATE: Some Options menu items were reformed.
- FIX: "View Network File" bug.
- FIX: "Diameter error in weighted networks" bug. 
- FIX: "Segmentation fault in degreeCentrality
after remove/add new actor" bug.

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