[Kde-announce-apps] liquidtrixx3 technical demo 0.1

med bone th3matr1x at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 21 11:25:59 CET 2006

Name: liquidtrixx3 technical demo 
Version: 0.1
Type: Accessibility Application
License: GPL
Homepage: http://liquidtrixx.org
More Info:

 this is just one scene of liquidtrixx, it's
actually more of a first technical demo, so
feedback is really welcome.
pls follow my installation walkthrough under the
LinuX link on my site.

P.S: actually there are three scenes on this
package, but i disactivated them
if you are a c++ guru, u should change 2 lines and
activate the three other scenes. 

in this version you will see a cube rotation to
the music, either using xmms or amarok. the cube
will change every 20 sec it's style, so dont be
fooled by the first cube u see :)

xmms development library should be installed and
libvisual too.
and of course a 3d card. i tested this plugin with
my geforce 6800GT, and it worx. if u have a better
grafic card then u should be lucky :) if not it
might be slow for you. so please change your card

gl hf , and pls some comments, either on the
installer, cause i want to make a gtk one soon, or
on the plugin

and hey drop me a note on my guestbook if u like
what i'm doing or if u have any suggestion.

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