[Kde-announce-apps] KsirK 1.8beta1

Gaël de Chalendar kleag at free.fr
Sat Dec 16 00:42:48 CET 2006

Name: KsirK
Version: 1.8beta1
Type: Tactics & Strategy Game
License: GPL
Homepage: https://gna.org/projects/ksirk/
More Info:

 First Beta of KsirK 1.8 

The 1.8 versions add two great New Features:
  * New AI, ported from the Jean-Claude COLSON's
AI in XFRisk !
  * New Skin "Real Politiks" (see screenshots)
with a beautiful map from jrisk and new sprites
that still needs some love by a real artist !
I'd like to know your opinion about these two
improvements, but note that this 1.8 beta version
is probably still buggy. 

For bugs reports, please no comment here but on
the Web site ! 

If you want to play network games with others,
please register to the users mailing list
(https://mail.gna.org/listinfo/ksirk-discuss/) and
setup a "rendez-vous" there...

KsirK still needs YOU ! I'd like to receive:
- play network games with you;
- comments;
- bug reports (well, I wouldn't like but they
would be useful !);
- help for better graphics ;
- code if you'd like.

Happy World Conquest !


KsirK is a strategy game inspired by the well
known game Risk. It runs under KDE or any Linux
system with the KDE libs and is released under the
GPL . In the current beta version, KsirK is a
multi-player network-enabled game with a simple
AI. Planned future versions will have a better AI
and more enhancements (see the web site or the
distribution for details).

Build and installation instructions are on the web
site. The (partly outdated) user manual is also on
the web site. 

  * ready to release version 1.7beta3
  * bug: victory condition checking
  * better victory dialog

  * added a quick introduction displayed at
  * Display the reached goal on victory

  * better system messages
  * better handling of the "next player" command.
Now, a confirmation dialog
    is displayed if no action were triggered tis
turn. This avoids to
    unadvertedly cancel the turn of another player

  * added flags and players names to battle

  * chat line edit no more keep the focus
  * message sender is now the current (or last)
local player and not ever the
    same one
  * changed save file format to correctly display
the number of loaded players
  * quits in case of saved game loading error
(instead of crashing later)
  * corrected a typo in fr.po

  * better chat dialog
    ° draw flags and print nation name with
player name (Now possible, to do)
    ° icon for system messages (Now possible, to
    ° colors (Now possible, to complete)
  * ready to release version 1.7beta2

  * default player name for each country
  * corrected skin problem (definitions of one
used with sprites of another one;
    never appeared in released code)

  * release 1.7beta1
  * pixmaps in the messages box works as needed
  * allow all client to post messages instead of
only the one of the current 
    player !

    * Added possibility to display any serie of
text and pixmap in the messages

    * corrected a crash when right-clicking on the
grey background
    * removed the false repetitive error message
before starting to play
    * corrected goal load/save bug 
    * hack to avoid too easy goals when two
players only
    * better label in a dialog
    * avoid to display two times the main toolbar

    * added a chat dialog (merged with the

    * countries names are now internationalized
and drawn on the map at run time
      (not hard coded on the map image as before)
    * release version 1.6
    * added an history widget (idea by frank DOT
muts A gmail DOT com).
    * possibility to show messages in status bar,
in history or in both
    * Skins strings are now internationalized
    * added a snapshot, a long name and a
description to skins

    * updated french translation
    * KDE standard config management
    * option to enable or disable sounds
    * option to change sprites speed from slow to
    * added a central point different of the flag
point to countries to reduce
      dependence between the map mask and the flag

    * use keys 1,2,3 to choose the number of
attackers and defenders

    * better reset at end of game to cleanly start
a new one (Completely

*** Complete ChangeLog in the source archive *** 

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