[Kde-announce-apps] kdesvn 0.9.2

R Albrecht ral at alwins-world.de
Sun Aug 27 18:32:42 CEST 2006

Name: kdesvn
Version: 0.9.2
Type: Development Tool
Depend: KDE 3.4.x
License: LGPL
More Info:

 kdesvn is yet another client for subversion. But
it uses native KDE API instead of a extra lib like
GAMBAS and it is using the native subversion
delevelopment API instead of just parsing the
output of the commandline tool like most other
clients do.

It tries to setup a look and feel like the
standard filemanager of KDE and is integrated into
it via KPart.

The base C++ interface to subversion I took from
the (real great) tool Rapidsvn (see
http://rapidsvn.tigris.org/) with some
modifcations and fixes.

When interested in getting the source from




Comments more than welcome. You may use the fresh
setup bugtracker
for reporting bugs or request features missing.

 version 0.9.2
    * fix: utf8 mismatch again. Two intelligent
transformers (subversion and qt) inside a program 
      makes such a stuff a little bit horrible.
    * fix: sortorder in main view is with all
locale case-sensitive (if wished)
    * featurerequest: on context menu operations
from konqueror/krusader or other
      a log-window may stay open, context menu for
konqueror may switched off.
    * translations de/nl/pa/es/sv updated 

version 0.9.1
 One of that "I should have last release more
tested" releases :/
    * fix: subversion were never initialized - it
was the reason that with some locale "diff" failed
    * fix: (buildsystem) missing libs added
    * diffs from within logviewer works across
    * fix: checking out urls with special chars
like space failed
    * some speedups in diff/cat/get operations

version 0.9.0
    * Partial revision tree implemented
    * only one context menu for konqueror due
problems with KDE dcop call for getting the
dynamic menue entries
    * Revision tree in commandline implemented
    * more differenced context menus
    * french translation added (tnx to Frederic
    * Context menus contains "Open with..." action
for more different editor/viewer selection
    * featurerequest: kdesvn may create a new
subversion repository and creates base layout (as
standalone app only)
    * featurerequest: kdesvn may dump a local
    * fix: locale now not only works with utf-8

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