[Kde-announce-apps] Diamond Crush 0.1 (First Playable)

cantoni fabio cover3000 at email.it
Tue Apr 25 16:29:54 CEST 2006

Name: Diamond Crush
Version: 0.1 (First Playable)
Type: Board Game
License: Other
Homepage: http://www.diamondcrush.net
More Info:

 Diamond Crush is a puzzle game to be released
worldwide before the end of 2006 by the Italian
Diamonds Team, totally for free on different PC
operating systems, under open source Public Domain
license. The First Playable Version, a sort of
pre-alpha for offline multiplayer gaming only, is
already available for download onto the official
game site for playtesting purposes.
The game has been developed in java 1.5 using
lwjgl library and agile 
development methodologies, 
such as Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Extreme
Programming (XP), both 
adapted to a context where the development team
isn't located in the same 
place, but spread throughout a whole country (as
Italy, in this case).

Attention: Java 1.5 ***MUST*** be installed

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