[Kde-announce-apps] KPowersave v0.6.0-stable

Danny Kukawka danny.kukawka at web.de
Tue Apr 25 12:38:34 CEST 2006

Name: KPowersave
Version: v0.6.0-stable
Type: System Tool
Depend: KDE 3.4.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://freshmeat.net/projects/kpowersave
More Info:

 KPowersave is the KDE frontend for the powersave
daemon. It provides battery monitoring, suspend/
standby triggers and many more features for KDE
(and GNOME). 

Current feature list:
- support ACPI and APM
- trigger suspend to disk/ram and standby
- switch cpu frequency policy (between:
performance, dynamic and powersave)
- applet icon with info about AC state, and
battery fill/(warning) states
- applet tooltip with battery fill and remaining
battery time/percentage info
- scheme specific settings (see below)
- autosuspend (to suspend if a user was a defined
time inactive)
- a global and scheme specific configurable
blacklist with programmes to prevent autosuspend
(e.g. videoplayer and cd burning tools)
- trigger lock screen on lidclose ans suspend and
select the lock methode
- KNotify support for many events
- online help: en, hu, nb, cs, pt, fi, de
- localisations: bg, cs, da, de, el, es, fi, fr,
hu, it, ja, km, nb, nl, pa, pl, pt_BR, pt, ru, sk,
sl_SI, sv, tr, uk, zh_CN, zh_TW

- KPowersave support schemes with following
configurable specific settings for:
  * screensaver/DPMS
  * brightness (if supported by hardware)
  * autosuspend
  * scheme specific blacklist for autosuspend

- KPowersave contains a detailed information
dialog (on left mouse button on the applet icon):
  * CPU Frequency information
  * Battery information
  * current scheme and CPU Freq. policy, AC and
powersave state

To run KPowersave you need currently:
- powersave/powersave-libs >= 0.12.7
- dbus/dbus-qt3 >= 0.35.2
- HAL >=0.5.4

For (additional) powersave dependencies see the
project homepage and documentation. 

If you run KPowersave on KDE you can remove
klaptop from your system. KPowersave was developed
as a replacement.

KPowersave and powersave are (as we know) running
on this distributions:
* SUSE Linux (defaultly, available RPMs are for
10.0, for 10.1 see factory repository
(www.opensuse.org), for 9.2/9.3 older version on
sf.net available)
* ALTLinux: defaultly in 3.0, v0.5.0 (see:
* K/Ubuntu: from universe repository (Dapper
Drake) or for 'Breezy Badger' from
http://www.teco.edu/~biebl/ubuntu (Thanks to
Michael Biebl)
* Debian (unstable/testing): available via
'apt-get install kpowersave' 
* Fedora Core 5 (see sf.net project homepage for
needed dbus-qt3 rpm and for the src rpm)
* Fedora Core 4 (see sf.net project homepage, also
for the src rpm)
* Mandriva 2006.1 (see sf.net project homepage,
also for src rpms)
* Gentoo (ebuilds see download link)
* Arch Linux PKGBUILD (for powersave see unstable
tree: http://archlinux.org/packages.php?id=9701)
* Slackware (see sf.net project page or:

RPMs and porting information for other
distributions would be appreciated.

To get always actual news about updates and new
versions subscribe to new releases at the project
homepage: http://freshmeat.net/projects/kpowersave

Copyright (C) 2004-2006 by:
 * Danny Kukawka 
 * Thomas Renninger 

 For current changelog and news see:

20 Apr 06:
* removed link to SUSE source rpm to add link to
Slackware tgz packages (v0.6.0)and to ALT Linux
rpms (v0.5.0). 
20 Apr 06:
* added link to Fedora Core 5 packages. Please
note: You need to install the dbus-qt3 package for
KPowersave. You can find the rpm on the powersave
sf.net homepage
If you have problems to get powersave running,
disable SELinux for acpi(d) or complete (patches
are welcome).
12 Apr 06:
* added Arch Linux PKGBUILD link for (K)Powersave 
11 Apr 06:
I'm glad to announce the new official stable
release of KPowersave (v0.6.0). Thanks to all
persons which helped to develop KPowersave with
patches, testing new unstable versions and report
bugs back to us. A special thanks to: Holger
Macht, Stefan Seyfried, Michael Biebl, Daniel
Gollub and last but not least SUSE/Novell.

Main changes in this release (since v0.5.11-rc5):
- changed powersave dependency to current stable
version >= 0.12.7
- reduced the size of the package by optimize the
size of included png files. The size off all png
files is now reduced by ~709KByte.
- added german version of the handbook
- fixed processor bar in detailed dialog to set
correct for the first call.
- fixed tooltip for machines which always report
charging also if 100% charged and on AC
- fix from Michael Biebl for notify about
autosuspend after resume and a remove no longer
needed check from configure
- added support for lock screen via
gnome-screensaver (only under GNOME)
- added fake keyevent (shift) after resume if
machine was locked before suspend to show the
login dialog automatically
- fixed detailed dialog for machines without
CPUFreq and more than one CPU/Core or with
throttling support (see SUSE bug #164683).
- added patch from Daniel Gollub to be able to
fake CPU infos for develop
- fixed errorhandling for YaST power management
module (SUSE specific)
- changed link for report bug opened via the
applet menu if this is a SUSE package. Open now
the related opensuse.org wiki page.
- fixed bug report address in the about dialog (to
powersave-users ML)
- translation updates
- changed timeout for recheck powersave on startup
from 10 secs to 20 to avoid annoying messages on
slow machines or autologin
- updated README with install/compile and
help/bugreport information
- updated code docu (added planed
features/enhancements for 0.7/0.8 tree)
- updated spec files for packaging
02 Apr 06:
* added link to Gentoo ebuilds
[22 Mar 06, 0.5.11-rc5][07 Mar 06, 0.5.10-rc4][01
Mar 06, v0.5.9-rc3]
[20 Feb 06, v0.5.8-rc2][13 Feb 06, v0.5.7-rc1][06
Feb 06, v0.5.6]
[30 Jan 06, v0.5.5][23 Jan 06, v0.5.4][17 Jan 06,
v0.5.3][11 Jan 06, v0.5.2]

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