[Kde-announce-apps] Kslackcheck Slackware Tool 3.3

kslackcheck Mangus&Gk kslackcheck at deprecated.it
Tue Apr 11 23:52:38 CEST 2006

Name: Kslackcheck Slackware Tool
Version: 3.3
Type: KDE Improvement
License: GPL
Homepage: http://kslackcheck.deprecated.it
More Info:

 This script is a KDE utility for Slackware to
check updates of changelogs with just one click.
It shows updates and changelogs with nice
graphical popup
windows. Tired to browse ftp sites?
Give it a chance!
You can also choose English,
Italian,Polish,Russian, Serbian, Slovak and
Portuguese language.

 ver 3.3-3 [EasterSlack]  

- repackaged to fix 2 little bug
  please upgrade to this newer version ;-)

ver 3.3 [EasterSlack]  

- The check engine has been improved against
packages with non-standard version numbers. Thanks
to Eustaquio Rangel de Oliveira Jr for
slackcurrent engine.
- Fix some issue with new kde menu
- some little bugfix here and there , plus some
kdialog restyling. 
- mirrors update in kslackcheck.conf
- Added turkish translation, thanks to Doruk Fisek

ver 3.2 [SetInTheStone]
-better handling of language files, just put
translated file in conf directory
 for installing it. (see README)
-polish and russian translations added
-final log with some info about operations
performed by K.
-Slack 10.2 update and kde 3.5 testing
-A _lot_ of bugfix surely...
-Documentation upgrade

- Implemented MD5sum check on downloaded packages
- partial rewriting for adding some new
translations supported languages are now italian,
english , serbian , slovak and portuguese still
waiting for others... ;-)
- better handling of download directory, cleaning
some mess
- merged some changes in plugin.py about packages
with strange version number now the algorithm
seems to run very fine 
- great improvement of the download progressbar
that now runs very smoothly
- some little fix and improvement here and there..
- Documentation upgrade

3.0 (RTFM)
- yes, finally we've got a conf file for
kslackcheck's functions tuning.
The file is placed in /etc/kslackcheck and can be
overridded by similar files in $USER/.kslackcheck
for user specific settings.
Manual page implemented. So, what are waiting for?
- partial rewriting 
- a couple of little fix and improvements.
- user directory is now .kslackcheck :P

2.5.1 (Proxy Bastard)
- Changed the way to obtain the Slackware's gpg
key. No more esoteric protocols but wget, for
  better compatibility with proxy connections.
- Changed name of hidden directory in user's home.
Now is short and better..  :-)
- Cleaning and testing

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