qt5-speech patch

Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at kde.org
Sun Oct 31 05:20:25 GMT 2021

Hello all,

The other day it was brought to our attention that QtSpeech is reversing
the order that speech-dispatcher voices show up in in guis that present the
availableVoices() once a locale has been chosen. The problem stems from the
code that inserts all voices into a QMultiMap using the locale as key then
later gives those voices for the current locale using ::values() which
results in a backwards list. Because of this any application that doesn't
explicitly select a voice ends up using the last instead of the first voice
and often ends up using a strange voice by default (when espeak-ng is used
a +grandma variant is often the default this way).

I've attached a patch that applies cleanly to Qt 5.12.7 and 5.15.2 (or .6
if you have it) and will get it into gerrit tomorrow for Qt 6.3 but since
there aren't going to be more Qt 5.12 releases any distro packagers out
there may want to add it to your qt5-speech packages in the near term.

I'll add it to qt5-speech arch package locally to test tomorrow also and
send that to the arch packagers as well as gerrit.

Jeremy Whiting
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