kkmouth will not work for my case

Gustav Degreef gustav97 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 23 12:10:51 BST 2021

You are absolutely right.  Screen readers and "text readers" like 
kmouth, jovie,  Read Aloud, etc. have 2 completely different use 
scenarios.  Screen readers are essentially for the blind and text 
readers are for the partially sighted, as low vision aids or for those 
who want to avoid eye strain.  There is a bit of overlap, but not really 
much.  Both have a substantially large population of users for whom they 
are indispensable tools.  I do not know of any program that combines 
both functions or if it is even possible to combine them.   I use a 
bunch of low bison aids such as magnifiers (of all sorts), computer text 
readers, a screen reader on Android, etc.  But Orca, the Gnome 
application that is the most developed (and substantially integrated 
with KDE) TOTALLY gets in my way.  Not because it is a poor program, not 
because it is badly designed (on the contrary), but because I can see 
(partially see - as with many partially sighted people) the icons, 
windows, menu items and I can (with difficulty) read menu items, etc.   
For me the screen reader outputs a tremendous amount of speech that I do 
not need and interrupts the flow of my work all the time.  For the 
blind, the screen reader allows orientation, navigation and speech 
output that is crucial.  I know that what I write is a bit simplistic 
and I am sure that I did not cover all the uses of screen readers. 
However, I write this because the distinction I am making between both 
types of applications is very often misunderstood.  HTH, Gustav

On 10/23/21 3:24 AM, Jude DaShiell wrote:
> Kmouth is not a screen reader so won't work for my use case.  A little
> reading of the man page made it clear this will not read any command
> responses and likely won't execute commands entered either other than
> itself.  This is good since I avoid testing something that won't work.  I
> always like to know I'm arriving at a dead end before arriving.
> I don't know how well orca works under kde but for the foreseeable future
> sighted installers would have to install the entire mate accessibility
> stack into kde to get any of this working.

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