Is there a project that is jovie successor?

Simion simion314 at
Sat May 12 15:29:14 UTC 2018

Hi Jude, the problem is that you need some organization that can pay 
some developers and a group of users that will provide feedback.  I have 
eye sight problems so I use jovie all the time, also using it with 2 
languages so I hit issues that some will not hit, why I was gone from 
kde-accesibility for a while was that I was running a LTS version of 
kubuntu and I could not afford to upgrade to kde5, now that I upgraded I 
am hitting some issues so I want to fix them.

I also tested QtSpeech today, the example application is buggy and it 
crashes so we will need to wait a while until QtSpeech will work on 
linux(I can't contribute to that since I am not at that pro level of c++)

My opinion is that Jovie needs to be maintained until a better 
application is created using the latest things.

Jude, if you are using Jovie and there is a bug or feature that you 
need, let me know I can have a look at it.

On 12.05.2018 15:47, Jude DaShiell wrote:
> It would be nice if kde some day advanced to the point where a speech 
> synthesizer user could download a kde iso and use speech screen reader 
> to install it eyes free and then run the installed system eyes free.  
> I came pretty close to doing that with existing software including 
> orca and got a clock and calendar up on a screen to set the date and 
> time but couldn't get beyond that and I don't know any sighted people 
> who use kde who could have come and helped me out with that.  So I 
> never got to write up step-wise installation documentation for it 
> either.  In order to get to any such goal, I have no clue what will be 
> needed since everything is so disorganized on the kde end of Linux at 
> least for accessibility.
> On Sat, 12 May 2018, Simion wrote:
>> Date: Sat, 12 May 2018 04:18:30
>> From: Simion <simion314 at>
>> To: kde-accessibility at
>> Subject: Is there a project that is jovie successor?
>> Hello, So I know that jovie is not be ported to KDE5 and that the 
>> idea is to use QtSpeech, I can't find if someone started a 
>> replacement for jovie that uses QtSpeech yet.
>> I plan to investigate QtSpeech and see if it works properly on Linux, 
>> if there is no such a project started is there any interest in it?

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