[Kde-accessibility] kmouth noqt3support review

Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at kde.org
Tue Apr 28 01:06:52 UTC 2015

Hello all,

As the a11y team is quite small, I thought I'd reach out to the wider
community. KMouth has a noqt3support branch that removes the old
deprecated Qt3Support from it. This is the first step towards getting
KMouth ported to Qt5/KF5/QtSpeech. If one or many of you would check
it out, build it, run it, etc. and let me know of any issues found I
would be very grateful. That said here's a list of known issues that
should get fixed as the code gets refactored for Qt5/KF5/QtSpeech:

- The initialphrasebook wizard page doesn't show how many sub items
are checked as items get checked like it did with K3ListView based
- The PhraseBook editor dialog print functionality has been removed
for now. I'd like to refactor the PhraseBook class into a utility
class only rather than being a list of phrases with levels and such,
but haven't done that yet. It was simpler to remove print from
phrasebookdialog for now. The print functionality is still in
PhraseBook class, just not used in the dialog currently.
- I'm not sure if speaking actually works or not currently as I don't
have kdelibs4 based jovie installed. That will all be refactored to
use QtSpeech anyway (as well as the K3Process usage and such).

Anyway, if any of you could check it builds, runs, looks decent still,
etc. I'll merge this to a new frameworks branch then get started
refactoring to Qt5/KF5/QtSpeech.


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