[Kde-accessibility] Current state of KTTS / KSpeech Interface

Conrad Hoffmann ch at bitfehler.net
Tue Feb 26 12:05:04 CET 2008

Hi folks!

I was trying to port my Kopete KTTS plugin [1] to KDE4, thus trying to get 
things "spoken" by KTTS. At first, I followed Instructions given at [2]. The 
jobs showed up in the KTTSMgr config, and it was even indicating that they 
were beein spoken. I just couldn't hear anthing. I immediately figured my 
backend just didn't work properly. I can currently only try festival, und it 
does not work on the command line because of sound driver issues.

Unfortunately, in a fit of curiosity, I tried KMouth. And to my dismay, it 
talked to me, crisp and clear.

I tried in all possible ways (qdbus cli, generic QDBusInterface, KSpeech 
Interface) to reproduce, what KMouth does (e.g, I noticed it uses job 
priority warning). In the end, I used _the exact same code_ as KMouth. But it 
still won't speak my messages.

Does anyone have some clues for me? Is KTTS even considered to work, 
currently? If not, how does KMouth work? If so, how do I get my stuff to 

For reference:
I last compiled trunk like 12 hours ago, but the problem was there before.
KMouth does use the kde4 speech subsystem (at least the jobs show in KTTSMgr).
All other jobs show up there, too. They just don't get spoken (i.e. I can't 
hear anything)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Please CC me off list, I am not subscribed.

Regards, conrausch

[1] http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=30900
ch at bitfehler.net

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tried it."

	-- Donald Knuth
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