[Kde-accessibility] Qts accessibleNames & accessibleDescriptions

Peter Grasch grasch at simon-listens.org
Tue Feb 26 10:16:52 CET 2008

On Wednesday 20 February 2008 15:54:58 Jeremy wrote:
> Peter,
> I didn't realize the implication of this e-mail until I just wrote that
> other one to Meftah,  do you know how to add these properties to our apps? 
> An article on techbase explaining how/why to do this would probably benefit
> KDE in general, and help your app progress faster. (I'd be willing to write
> it with some time beforehand to understand the process if you'd like me to)

Well adding these properties is just a matter of setting them in qts designer. 
You can try it:
* Open up a .ui file in designer
* Select an object
* Set the values accessibleDescription and accessibleName to something useful

However, in the mean time I found out that the bridge somehow exports the text 
(for example the text of a button) as its accessibleName when there is none 
set. This is somehow sufficient. (only complicated widgets should probably be 
better described using accessibleDescriptions.

The last thing I am having trouble with is windows (dialogs, mainwindows,... - 
not the OS), because they don't seem to export their windowtitle as 
accessibleName per default. (could someone double-check that, please?)

> BTW, what is your app called, and how screen-reader-like is it exactly?
> (i.e. is it missing a few features to be useful as a screen reader?)

Well, no - sorry. It was a small tool to reverse-engineer .ui files from 
running applications using the Qt-DBusAccessibility-Bridge.

But it was just a test on how it works. This is now being integrated (the 
gui-recognition part, not the .ui part ^^) in simon as click-what-i-say 
technology :)

-- bedahr

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