[Kde-accessibility] Please Give Me a Screen Reader for KDE

Jeremy jeremy at scitools.com
Tue Feb 19 21:30:48 CET 2008

On Saturday 16 February 2008 12:12:52 Meftah Tayeb wrote:
> hi,
> please i am blind, and i am looking for a Screen Reader for the KDE Desktop
> Environment if you know a one Free Screen Reader, please give Me tha URL !
> Thanks


There are a few opensource text to speech systems. KDE has a kttsd package 
that wraps most all of them, and can be used directly in kde apps like 
konqueror, and such.  I find the best sounding voice by installing festival, 
mbrola voices, and using kttsd to manage the jobs.

MBrola website is here: http://tcts.fpms.ac.be/synthesis/mbrola.html
Festival is usually a package your distro provides, as is kttsd.

Let us know if you need any tips on setting them up or if you have suggestions 
for their improvement.


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