[Kde-accessibility] Accessible objects without Atk dependencies

Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Thu Mar 30 01:56:42 CEST 2006

[ George Kraft ]
> Let's get the AT-SPI/ATK interfaces rich and mature first before venturing
> off to re-tool which could cause regression.

Yes, we don't want to do anything that makes the existing implementation less 
stable, and there is no need to do so if the current AT-SPI team works on 
stabilisation while new people work on DBUS.

> Also, OMG designed Corba to bridge to other ecosystems; therefore, for 
> the near term we should continue with the KDE to AT-SPI solution in
> order to concentrate on the above.

I am not am not sure what you want to say with this.

Do you want to say that we should only work on the KDE to AT-SPI bridges, and 
give up the plan to bridge from AT-SPI to KDE? This would mean we cannot use 
AT-SPI in KDE-based assistive technologies and are forced to invent some 
other API.

Or do you suggest to write CORBA bindings for KDE? This would likely be an 
equal or even greater amount of work than using DBUS for AT-SPI.

Or do you want to imply that we should not write KDE-based assistive 
technologies at all and contribute to the GNOME ones instead?


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