[Kde-accessibility] FSG workgroup meeting

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Tue Jan 18 23:36:57 CET 2005


Gunnar and I will leave in a few hours to take a plane to the 
accessibility workgroup meeting of the Free Standards Group, where we 
will represent KDE.

The workgroup will discuss a roadmap for possible standards to further 
accessibility among Unix systems. Among the topics will be the speech 
synthesis API and a common service-provider interface for assistive 
technologies (AT-SPI or something very similar).

We will spend some vacation days on the island before the conference 
starts next Tuesday, so we will be offline for a few days.Next week, we 
will most likely have internet connectivity again and will keep you 
informed by posting summaries on this list.

KDE Accessibility Project
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