[Kde-accessibility] Translated strings for kttsd

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Mon Jan 17 18:19:37 CET 2005


A recent discussing on kde-core-devel gave me an idea how to deal with the 
translated strings for speech synthesis in kttsd:

We can add them to a .desktop file as:
Name=If you hear this text, then KTTSD is configured correctly

Then the text will will appear in the list of strings-to-be-translated, 
and translations will be semi-automatically added to the config file as:
Name[de]=Wenn Sie diesen Text hören, dann ist KTTSD richtig konfiguriert.

kttsd can then simply open and parse the .desktop file to receive the 
translated strings for languages that are different from the current user 
interface language.


KDE Accessibility Project
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