[Kde-accessibility] keyboard layout

no have nohave at gmx.net
Tue Jan 11 20:06:48 CET 2005

i am wondering if there is a way under kde to change the keyboard layout. 
the reason is that i am using arabic language keyboard, and the default
layout is unfortionatly the microsoft layout(maybe because it is very
common), as usuall with microsoft there is a lot of thing which can be
changed so the keyboard could be meaningful and ergonomic. as small example
: you have to press shift and full-stop to type full-stop, which is sick
because you use full stop often, the same goes for comma.
i came across this problem because i used macintosh for along time, and now
i saw the light and switched to linux. and in macintosh there is much better
keyboard layout for arabic.
so i was thinking if there is a tool to change the position of letters and
charachters on keyboard, then i could costumize it the way i need.
i will be glade for any help.

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