[Kde-accessibility] EUAIN Workshop, 12th May 2005

Neil McKenzie nmackenzie at fnb.nl
Mon Apr 18 13:56:27 CEST 2005

Dear Colleague,

Apologies if this announcement is outside your field of interest.  
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Generating Structures Workshop, 12th May, Brussels
Access to information and using it efficiently are key areas for  
business but also for all citizens in an open Information Society. The  
EUAIN Workshop intends to bring together key stakeholders interested in  
modern information design and to discuss how new possibilities of  
dealing with information will influence their activities. This Workshop  
is aimed at the publishing industry; public information services;  
design industry; software and web designers; service provision for  
people with disabilities. The workshop is based on the generic idea  
that focusing on well-structured design from scratch will be of  
enormous benefit for all stakeholders. These interests converge in  
having well structured and semantically enriched information. The main  
themes are:
•	What is structure? Structured document design (meta data concepts and  
definitions, design guidelines) for text, audio, graphics, moving  
pictures, uses of accessible metadata
•	The benefits for industry: towards multi channel publishing:
•	Copyright issues and digital rights management (DRM)
•	The benefits for people with special needs: freedom to choose
•	From unstructured to structured: methods and tools to enrich  
•	Accessibility and usability from scratch
•	Content and Knowledge Management Systems

Contributions for the Workshop are invited from all those working in  
the publishing industries and all those with an interest in  
accessibility. We are particularly keen to welcome new ideas,  
approaches and technologies, as well as to provide a platform for  
well-established solutions. You can submit your contribution as a  
conference paper or a practical demonstration. Closing date for  
contributions: 29th April 2005.

More information and free registration at:
The EUAIN workshop has been collocated with a new CEN Workshop on  
Accessible Document Processing (CEN/ISSS WS/ADP ) with a kick-off  
meeting on the 13th of May and you can register here:

About the European Accessible Information Network (EUAIN)

The EUAIN project (European Accessible Information Network) is funded  
by the eInclusion thread of the European Commission 6th framework IST  
programme and co-ordinated by FNB Amsterdam. EUAIN aims to promote  
e-Inclusion as a core horizontal building block in the establishment of  
the Information Society by creating a European Accessible Information  
Network to bring together the different actors in the content creation  
and publishing industries around a common set of objectives relating to  
the provision of accessible information. Accessibility for print  
impaired people can be an increasingly integrated component of the  
document management and publishing process and should not be a  
specialised, additional service. More information is available at:  

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Neil McKenzie
EUAIN Consortium
Email: euain at fnb.nl

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