[Kbabel] folder structure (po/pot) for non-kde projects

Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Sat Jan 20 12:43:12 CET 2007

Am Samstag, 20. Januar 2007 12:08 schrieb Stephan Johach:
> Hi!
> Am Freitag 19 Januar 2007, 22:30:54 schrieb Milian Wolff:
> > Hello KBabel team!
> >
> > I'm writing some php code and would love to use your great application,
> > though I can't get my project to work properly.
> >
> > I have (at the moment) one core.pot but it will get company soon. I tried
> > the following directory tree:
> >
> > ./l10n/templates/core.pot
> > ./l10n/de_DE/core.po
> >
> > In KBabel I configured my project to use the upper directory for POT
> > files and the lower one for PO files (as the project should translate to
> > german).
> >
> > But I always get a error message when I try to use the catalog message.
> > It says that I did not choose a valid vasis folder for PO files and that
> > I should check my project configuration...
> >
> > What paths should I set? What directory structure should I use?
> >
> > I read in the documentation that non-KDE projects are not supported, but
> > it would totally be ok for me, if I could duplicate a KDE folder
> > structure for my project - just tell me how it should look like!
> I tried your directory structure and copied a KDE translation file /
> template to it. It seems to work, I can at least load the po file without
> an error message.
> What version of KBabel do you use. I attach my project file, so you can see
> how it is different from your project file.
> Are you sure you have the correct project loaded when opening the
> message file? KBabel loads a default project on startup.
> Stephan

Did you check out the catalog manager? did it work? That's were my problem is! 
I can open po files and translate them - that's not my problem.

If I update my .pot file, how do I merge these changes back into my german .po 
file? Thats what the catalog manager is for, isn't it?

Here are my version numbers:
KDE: 3.5.5
KBabel: 1.11.4
Milian Wolff

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