[Kbabel] A boubt with dcop interface

Nick Shaforostoff shafff at ukr.net
Sat Jul 15 14:14:43 CEST 2006

On Fri, 14 Jul 2006 18:23:31 +0300, mvillarino <mvillarino at gmail.com>  
> O Venres, 14 de Xullo de 2006 16:52, Nick Shaforostoff escribiu:
>> maybe it'd be simplier to just msgfmt --no-wrap (or such, dont remember
>> exactly) .po's and then use perl?
> Well..... I'm not a programmer
maybe kfilereplace or similar kdevelop tool wud b enough?

> Btw, even the openURL fail for me :'( Suppose I've got a po file in
> folder /home/myself/KDE_l10n/module/file.po. What's the dcop call to ope  
> it?
file:///home/myself/KDE_l10n/module/file.po ?

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