[Kbabel] corrupted TM databases

Yury Tarasievich yury_tarasievich at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 28 13:47:27 CET 2005


--- Nicolas Goutte <nicolasg at snafu.de> wrote:
> > Both of these may or may not be helped by setting
> the
> > langcode in the "default project" settings prior
> to
> > executing the function, I didn't dig much.
> Do you mean that the handling is ignoring the
> settings of the current project 
> and only works with the settings of the default
> project?

Well, I couldn't really tell. Setting the <langcode>
seemed to help once, but somehow not afterwards (was
the default settings still there? I didn't look).

These functions ignore project settings, that's for

> actually. I
> > do just a search (auto-search, actually) and all 4
> > .db's modification times change?! This doesn't
> seem
> > the sanest behaviour to me.
> Perhaps the databases are not opened in a read-only
> mode. This might be 
> needed, if it is not sure if writing will be needed
> or not.
> (However I have not checked the code.)

Is the modification time affected by r/w mode by

> > 3. Then, there's the issue of po's converted with
> > translate toolkit (tranlate.sf.net). Kbabel insist

translate.sf.net, that is.

> > Then Kbabel doesn't want either to show the status
> of
> > .po, or to save such file.
> That is an invalid PO file, as it has duplicated
> entries.

Well, this is a (valid?) extension of .po format,
which immensely helps to get things done, and it
brings in interest in kbabel from non-.po l10n
domains. Supporting this seems more relevant to me,
than, e.g., xliff.

> If you want to save it from KBabel's editor, try the
> "special save" and 
> disable the checking of the file.
> Or you can change the project setting, not to check
> at save.

Ah, these I know about, of course. Doesn't help
ease-of-use, though, and that's what I'm talking


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