[Kbabel] Re: kbabel and po-format

Stanislav Visnovsky visnovsky at kde.org
Wed Feb 25 08:35:40 CET 2004


First, thanks for using KBabel! I'll comment on KBabel related issues only...

Dňa Streda 21 Máj 2003 07:40 Eduard Werner napísal:
> Hi,
> after about a week of work with kbabel and friends I'm very satisfied about
> these great tools (excellent job, guys!) but I still have some problems.
> Sorry if these are FAQ but I couldn't find an answer to the following:
> 1) When translating, I'm quite often in doubt about the best translation
> and sometimes about the meaning of a certain item. I'd then like to be able
> and look into other translations automatically (e.g. I'd like to see the
> Czech and the German translations when searching for a Sorbian equivalent).
> Can kbabel be configured to do this? I guess this would be a great help to
> most translators.

You can use dictionary module called PO Auxiliary (the default configuration 
shows how to search in german translations of the same PO file). 
Unfortunatelly, it's possible to use it for a single language only ATM.

> 2) In translations of msgids like
>   While typing in the text area, you may be presented with possible
>   matches. This feature can be controlled by clicking with the right mouse
>   button and selecting a preferred mode from the <b>Text Completion</b>
> menu.
> I'm missing a variable instead of a hardcoded string like "Text
> Completion". This way, I have to ensure *by hand* that my menu is really
> called "Text Completion" and not something else. Furthermore, if I decide
> to change the name of the menu I again have to hunt for occurrences in
> other modules.

Sorry, what are you talking about here?

> 5) As kbabel sometimes bails out unexpectedly, an autosave feature would be
> great, too.

It's implemented in the unstable version of KBabel. But that's not a fix. If 
KBabel crashes, please, report it using bugs.kde.org including a backtrace 
(KDE crash dialog should help you with this job).



BTW, for KBabel-related problems you can use our mailing list kbabel at kde.org.

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