[Kalzium] Proposal : use GSL/GSL-- for the linear algebra stuff

Benoît Jacob jacob at math.jussieu.fr
Thu Jul 27 11:30:36 CEST 2006

Thanks very much for having asked!

Here's what Christian told me about GSL--:

> Well, since all the code is in headers, there's no major problems with
> special compiler flags or the like.  Now, the code does use class
> templates, function templates, and even member function templates.   not
> all of it is used in the Linear Algebra part, but some is.   As long as
> the compiler supports these things, it shouldn't be a problem (it
> excludes MSVC5 or earlier).  
> I haven't really tried with MSVC for a long time (and a lot of
> development has passed since then), but it did use to work.
> MacOSX is using GCC as the system compiler, so I think it should work
> with that.  
> Without having really tried it, I think it will work with ICC too.

so there shouldn't be any compilation problem at all.


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