[Kalzium] Compiler-support on Windows for KDE 4.0

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at gmx.de
Thu Jul 27 10:50:52 CEST 2006

Von: Carsten Niehaus <cniehaus at gmx.de>
> Hi
> In Kalzium we want to introduce a dependency (of course with a 
> configure-check) on GSL [1]. It should be possible to build GSL with
> minGW, 
> Cygwin, MSVC++ .Net, but perhaps not with MSVC 6++ [2].
> As KDE4 will support Windows it should be compilable, of course ;-) Now my
> question is: Is there already a list of minimum-version we will demand? If
> I 
> googled correctly MSVC 6 is already 8 years old so I guess that we will 
> demand something newer?
msvc6 wasn't supported by Jaroslaw's kdelibs3/win32 and I wonder how tt mangaged to get Qt4 compile with this 'compiler'. So you don't need to take care about this. Don't know if we should support VS .Net2002/2003 - I think we all using msvc2005 or gcc...
> Next question: is there something like an automated daily/weekly build for
> windows as I have no access to a windowssystem but would at least like to
> get 
> info why/where my code break in windows (in case it breaks)...
Currently no, only kdelibs. Maybe we should extend this to some apps? But I don't have a machine big enough to run a dashboard each day... it takes ~1hour to compile kdelibs only on my machine.



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