[Kalzium] Separating the rare earths' block from the main element's block in Kalzium

Eloy Cuadra ecuadra at eloihr.net
Thu Jul 14 21:46:00 CEST 2005


I was about to send a patch to Carsten when I discovered this mailing list :)

Personally, I'm a little displeased about the way Kalzium renders the PTE 
because it gives a false idea of continuity between the main block and the 
rare earth's block. Almost in every PTE I've seen, Lanthanides and Actinides 
are physically separated from the main table.

Looking at the source code of the just released Kalzium Hydrogen, a separation 
of ELEMENTSIZE/3 seems ok for this purpose.

Great, but there are 3 more aspects directly related to that:
 - the mouse movements over the rare earth's cells
 - the capture of clicks into the rare earth's cells
 - the rendering of the ellipse over the selected rare earth's cell

To achieve this, you have to modify a little number of lines in element.cpp 
and pse.cpp (please, see the 2 patches attached). I've tested the 
modifications and seem to work fine.

Do you think this is useful?

And talking about rare earths, don't you think that "rare earths" sounds a 
little old-fashioned? I think it should be divided into "lanthanides" and 
"actinides". Well, this is just a question of names :)


Eloy Cuadra
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