[k3b] Re: 2.0.2 release help needed

Kim Højgaard-Hansen kimrhh at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 15:39:17 UTC 2010

Hi Michael,

It sounds really nice that you're moving to Git :)

You are aware of the tools that exist for converting a subversion
repository to Git? It would be a shame to loose history etc. for k3b
in the conversion.



2010/11/29 Michał Małek <michalm at jabster.pl>:
> Markus Slopianka wrote:
>> Hi.
>> Can someone please do the 2.0.2 release work? I've been planning to do this
>> since weeks but always something get in the way.
>> It's not that much work but takes a bit of patience because some related
>> tasks need to be done.
>> 1.) Move the 2.0 stable branch to branches/stable/extragear/ or
>> branches/stable/extragear-kde4/ (current location is wrong and we didn't
>> know that back then) and coordinate the move because of translations with
>> kde-i18n-doc at kde.org
>> 2.) Modify the [k3b] section in
>> trunk/KDE/kdesdk/scripts/createtarball/config.ini to match the new paths.
>> 3.) Create a tarball with
>> trunk/KDE/kdesdk/scripts/createtarball/create_tarball.rb
>> [ 4.) (optional but preferable) Learn how "kde-obs-generator" works and
>> give a how-to for dummies ;-) ]
> Hi,
> Sorry for late response. I'm quite busy lately :(
> I'm currently in the process of moving k3b source code to git. I think
> it doesn't
> make sense at this moment to move branches. It will only complicate things
> further for me.
> After the switch is done we will need some other release script. For
> example this one:
> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~apachelogger/+junk/release-script-refactor/files
> --
> Best regards,
> Michał

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