[k3b] Documentation

Markus kamikazow at web.de
Fri Apr 9 13:03:57 UTC 2010

Am Freitag 09 April 2010 09:53:33 schrieb Sebastian Trüg:
> You could try to make it a KDE standard by creating a dedicated
> formatting that can be used by the KDE help system in some way or at
> least be linked from the help menu in KDE apps.

No need. In Kdenlive we simply have the line
in the .desktop file. Works just fine.

One alternative to just link to the wiki could be to create a snapshot of the 
wiki pages before release and then converting them to KDE's help system.
I have to add though that I have no idea how easy or hard that would be.

In any case: Existing documentation for all languages has to be imported into 
UserBase first.

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