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chris at ccburton.com chris at ccburton.com
Thu Jan 20 12:54:04 UTC 2011

GreenJelly at web.de wrote on 09/01/2011 19:57:36:

> Hello, 


> I installed FreeNX from the SUSE repository, but I can't manage to 

Which one. There are a couple of broken ones, one of which
puts node.conf in /  !!!!!!

> get it working. I've googled, checked and tested so many things; in 
> my old 11.0 installation FreeNX was a pure delight over years ... 

Suse dropped it since then, so its with "community" now, so
you have to do your own quality control !!

> I did the normal installation .. nxsetup, add a user .. without success.

Sounds like you chose a broken one :-(

> Can someone out there help me? Is there anybody, who got it working 
> under 11.3? Do I have the chance to get other packages (perhaps from

I have it runnng. It's a bit of effort.

> Ubuntu), or do I have to build it from the sources? Is there an 
> alternative project, on Berlios, there are no changes since 2008 .. ?

I think someone produced a patched FreeNX for Opensuse, but I don't
use it 'cos i made my own a few years ago.

The most up to date scripts (nxnode etc) are in the ubuntu packages,
which I think were what the suse community packager used.

Search the forum for the last couple of months in the first instance.

Make sure you use the latest NX clients and NX libraries. There is an rpm
of 3.4.0 for Opensuse in the community repositories.

Let me know how you get on.

It IS possible to get it working properly.

> Frank
> Reference: 
> This was my guideline: 
> OS: OpenSUSE 11.3 fully updated
> I tested the packages from these repositories:

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