[FreeNX-kNX] Blank Screen Failure - X & K Running Fine

Info at quantum-sci.net Info at quantum-sci.net
Thu Mar 26 19:45:01 UTC 2009

On Thursday 26 March 2009 11:46:56 Terje Andersen wrote:
> Looks like the kde startup session file might be wrong, look in node.conf for potentially changing this (but I might be wrong, as I don't use the "NX Free Edition" myself). In FreeNX there is a setting that defines which kde session file to use.

Looking in node.cfg the KDE start line is
Command-Start-KDE="/usr/bin/dbus-launch --exit-with-session startkde"

That's about the only line uncommented in that file, much less to do with KDE.

On the server when I run in a terminal startkde, I get the exact same behavior.  It seems that NX is trying to start KDE on the server rather than the client, but I have no idea how or where the correct display is supposed to be specified. 

> My advice is:
> 1) to remove _all_ NX libs and all FreeNX/"NX Free Edition" parts.
> 2) decide what you want to use (read the constraints in NX Free Edition contra FreeNX)
> 3.1) Use the "Quickstart guide to FreeNX" doc I wrote in 2008 and learn a little about FreeNX (look at the FreeNX FAQ/WIKI for link to it)
> 4.1) Use the Wiki/FAQ to compile the nxlibs yourself, and install the FreeNX Server (if you decide to use FreeNX). This, because there is no debs for Debian (IIRC). It's not hard, and isn't time consuming.
> 4.2) If not, install NX Free Edition from NoMachine (faster install).
> This should weed out any conflicts/previous errors.

I've completey removed the freenx package with purge, and the nomachine packages with purge, deleted /usr/NX and ~/.nx .  Then reinstalled NX client, node, and server.  I'd rather stay with packages if at all possible in order to keep the apps up to date automatically.

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