[FreeNX-kNX] Freenx and single x application

George Beitis george.beitis at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 12 14:17:28 UTC 2009

Hey everyone,
this is my first post here and i wanted to get some information as to how it
is best to set up an environment where when specific users log in remotely
via Freenx(running ontop of an ubuntu machine), only a specific application
would be launched for them.

In my case i want them to log in to be able to use firefox remotetly.  Using
the nomachine free client, i can setup a specific application to be
launched, which would solve the problem.  My only concern is that the
clients, which will be running on windows, might have their setups changed
allowing users to log in to, lets say gnome, which is something i do not
want for all users.

Is there a way to lock this down?  I was looking into writting loging
scripts for those users to basically only launch firefox when they log in,
but have had no luck so far.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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