[FreeNX-kNX] FIXED - NX session logging in as NX

Phill 2 phill at phillk.net
Wed Feb 18 15:25:22 UTC 2009

I figured out my problem & fixed it!
I was 'enabling' too many Auth type's

The snippet of my conf found below should be able to be used to duplicate
the situation I had.
After I resolved it on 1 system, I was able to restart my other machine that
had previously been doing it, apply the correction's i did on my main
machine & login as the user I meant to, rather than "NX" - So I know this
'fix' works.

I kind of understand why other's might not have encountered it, but  am also
somewhat surprised others have not. I did what I did because of how vague
the main NX documentation is.
-It did not seem to clarify that it is explaining all possible
configuration's options, so I enabled all of them.

My original conf, that for some reason worked on 1 system, but not on others

# This adds the usermode to the possible authentication methods
# Usermode means that a user can start the nxserver as his shell
# and connect directly to the right server via a custom client.

# This adds the passdb to the possible authentication methods

# This adds SSH to the possible authentication methods. For it to work sshd
# must be set up at localhost accepting password authentication.

# This adds SU to the possible authentication methods. For it to work the
# "nx" user must be in the wheel (RedHat, Fedora) or the users group (SUSE)
# and the user logging in must have a valid shell that accepts the -c
# parameter.

-Now I only use "Enable SSH Authentication" and everything works as
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